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Jewel and Eli did not know each other before coming to the shelter, but they've become fast friends.  They each have a yeast infection of their skin and both are undergoing treatment.  Jewel also has severe entropion which will need to be fixed surgically after her skin heals.  These young, playful pups are kenneled together now and Eli has really brought Jewel out of her shell.  They are best buddies and truly enjoy each other's company.  They are both available for adoption and it would be so wonderful if they could be adopted together.  Both are heartworm negative. Donations accepted for Jewel & Eli's care via PayPal to  **UPDATE** Both have been adopted!


Snope came to be a resident at the shelter as a neglect case. Several months prior to him ending up at the shelter, he was hit by a car and his previous owners never got him the medical attention he needed. His leg was injured in the accident and because it was never treated, it did not heal properly and now must be amputated. Poor Snope cannot walk well and has ulcers and sores on his paw due to his front leg dragging the ground. As you can tell from the pictures, Snope's leg has become misshapen and clubbed. This cannot be comfortable and is no way for him to live. We want to help this big, gentle giant get the surgery he needs, but we need your help to do it! Once he has surgery and heals in a foster home, he can be placed up for adoption so he can get the second chance he deserves for a happy life!! **UPDATE** Adopted!



We're honored to be one of two recipients of the 2016 400 Paws, Inc. grants! With this grant we'll be able to help 15 dogs be rid of heartworms by providing $250 sponsorships to adopters of heartworm positive dogs. The sponsorships are to be used at one of our three veterinarian partners.

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