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UPDATE! ADOPTED!!Zeus is only 5 years old, but he has had a rough start to life. He is Escambia County Animal Shelter's longest canine resident and has visible scars that show he was not treated well before ending up at the shelter. As you can see from his pictures, his ears have been cut almost all the way off and he also has scars on his legs and back. Zeus spent several months in the shelter as a legal hold, but has since been made available for adoption. Given the condition Zeus was in when he came to the shelter last year, it is no surprise he is heartworm positive. We want to get Zeus the heartworm treatment he needs so that he can find a forever home. Seven months in the shelter is WAY too long. Zeus breaks our hearts every time we see him, as he usually has a toy in his mouth and is so happy to have a visitor. We think he deserves a happy ending to an otherwise crappy start- we are tired of him getting passed over and over for younger or heartworm negative dogs. We need your help, Friends to get him the treatment he needs. We are assuming his case of heartworms is advanced, since he has probably never been given heartworm prevention. The treatment will be expensive, so any amount will help!




Pierre is a 12 year old poodle in our Fospice (Foster/Hospice) program. When he went for his initial exam, one of his teeth fell out in the vet's hand. Poor Pierre! Other than his horrendous teeth and the considerable discomfort they cause, it turns out Pierre is not a Fospice poodle after all.  He has a little arthritis in his back, is pretty much deaf and is definitely blind.  Despite those maladies, he's in pretty good shape for an old fella.  Except for his mouth, of course.  So, we want to get him fixed up and ready for his forever home but we need your help, Friends.  After his dental, Pierre will be ready for adoption!  That's right.  This fella is out of the Fospice realm and ready for forever with a loving family.  But first, those teeth!   





Baby Baguette was found in someone's yard and brought to the Escambia County Animal Shelter in Pensacola FL. As you can tell from the pictures, Baguette is in HORRIBLE condition. She is covered in bloody, oozing sores and scabs. She barely has any hair and her skin is so hot and inflamed, even the slightest touch is uncomfortable.
Friends Of The Escambia County Animal Shelter pulled her from the shelter this morning and took her immediately to the vet for medical attention. We have some pretty seasoned vets that treat the non profit's animals, but this little girl is in such bad shape, even the vet became teary eyed. She has severe demodectic mange, a secondary skin infection, she is anemic and loaded up with parasites. The saddest part of this is...she still has puppy teeth. She is just a baby- not even 6 months old yet. A dog this young and a case this advanced means she has probably not known a lot of happiness and comfort in her life so far. Her recovery will be a long, slow process. She is receiving injectable antibiotics, oral medications for the mange, vitamin supplements for the anemia, dewormer and medicated baths. For now, Baguette is with a fabulous foster who has a lot of experience with severe skin issues- she is getting a lot of love, soft blankets and good meals. Friends, we need help covering her medical expenses! Let's get Baguette healthy, so she can be the puppy she has never been able to be before!


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