Operation Spay Neuter Initiative Pensacola (SNIP)

Sorry, Friends, we are not accepting new applications at this time, as we are currently fundraising for this program. When the link appears on this page, we are accepting applications. Please check back soon!

Operation SNIP was formed with the intent of providing high quality, low cost spay and neuter services to low income families in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties. We have been in the shelter a lot over the past few years and a few things are evident: there are way too many pitbull type dogs and cats in our shelters. There are way too many pitbull type dogs and cats being euthanized in our shelters. These two groups make up the highest percentages of animals going through intake and being euthanized in our shelters. Sadly, a lot are going in and many don't come out. We feel the way to change this is by trying to stop the cycle before it starts- preventing unwanted litters and hopefully decreasing the overpopulation of dogs and cats in our area. The way to do this is by spaying and neutering.

Now, obviously pitbulls/pitbull mixes are not the only type of dog coming into our shelters and as this program grows, we hope to include all breeds of dogs and community cats. However, in our partnership with Florida Animal Friend, we have received a grant to assist with providing spay/neuter vouchers for owned cats and bully breed type dogs only. So here's how it works: if you are a resident of Escambia or Santa Rosa County and your household income is $25,000/year or less and you have a cat(s) and/or bully breed dog(s) (purebred or mixed) that is not altered, fill out the application below. We will review the applications and once approved, you will receive a voucher to have your pet(s) spayed/neutered with one of our partner vets. You will have 30 days from the date of approval to make the appointment. At the time of surgery, you will pay a $25 per pet copay to the vet's office. You will need to provide proof of a current rabies vaccine and if your pet is not current, we can assist with getting them vaccinated.

Want to help? Share this information with friends and family. Have a neighbor that can't take their animal to the vet? Offer to drive them to the appointment! Donations are also welcome! The more animals we get altered, the better!

Have questions? Email us at fotecasoperationsnip@gmail.com


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